Welcome to Christmas Gleam!
Christmas Gleam

My name is Jo and I simply love everything about Christmas.
Since I was a child Holiday Season is my favorite time of year. I will never forget the smell of my Grandmother’s cookies, songs we used to sing gathered around the Christmas tree while the Polar Express train runs under it.
My Mum and Dad never waited the last moment to buy presents for friends and family. As my brother and I grew up we packed them and decorated together in some glimmering paper and always wrote some special note to the person who’s supposed to get that present.

My friends and family say I am a Christmas shopaholic! I search all around the Internet or our local stores to find some new decoration or at least new idea how to decorate our house and yard. It’s not that I buy everything I think of. I just simply love to see new Christmas tree ornaments, lights, figurines, nativity sets, train sets, garlands, wreaths… And maybe, just maybe, buy some. (LoL)

That is the reason why I decided to make this website. I researched market so thoroughly that I want to share my information with anyone who needs it! As I find something interesting I will write about it, maybe even review it or just give my honest opinion. Even if I see something’s on sale I’ll let you know.

That way I’m sure I would save you some money and even time. And both are valuable to all of us these days.
So, thank you for visiting my Christmas Gleam site. Feel free to contact me if you have any question or suggestion, leave a comment, like it, share it…

Wishing you all the best and may the light, love, peace and hope of Christmas always be with you!