How to Easily Make Cute Paper Tabletop Christmas Tree

How to Easily Make Cute Paper Tabletop Christmas TreeHave you ever wondered how to easily make cute paper tabletop christmas tree? If your answer is Yes, I hope in this post you'll find the answer!
As days go by and Christmas is getting closer, looking for various decorations has become daily hobby for me and my kids. :-) After we found this video we decided to immediately try to make one. And we did. Now it's your turn! :-)

Supplies Needed

Gold and Green Glitter


- ruler

- paintbrush

- knitting or some other thin needle or pencil

- glue

- newspapers

- thick cardboard

- thin cardboard

Step by Step Instructions

For this table tree, we need 3 sheets of newspapers.

Spread newspapers on the table. Roll a sheet of newspaper into a tube. To do it easier, you can take a pencil, start rolling it around a pencil and after a few turns remove it from the tube.

When you reach the end of the tube, take the paintbrush and apply glue on the corner and roll newspaper completely.

Take another sheet and repeat all the steps 2 more times until you have 3 tubes.

Next step is to flatten all 3 tubes with your hands. After that, take the knitting needle and roll the flatten tubes around the needle (to make it easier).

When you reach the end of the first tube, spread the tube a little bit, glue it inside and insert another tube. Continue rolling and repeat the same steps with the 3rd tube.

When you coiled all 3 tubes, glue the end of it and let it dry.

When dried, form a coin using your fingers. It would take some time, but be patient and do it slowly so you could do a nice shape of a tree.

When finished, apply glue with a paintbrush around the whole tree and sprinkle green glitter.

To make the base of the coin, cut the circle from the cardboard in dimensions of the base diameter.

Take the sheet of paper, fold it in half once and then fold it in half again. Roll it around a thick needle, take off the needle and when reach the end, apply glue on all 4 layers and glue them.

Take the round cardboard base you recently cut and glue the paper stand to it. Measure the height of the tree and cut the stand 2-3 cm higher than the tree is.

Take the thin cardboard and cut 2 stars from it, apply glue with a paintbrush, put it on the table and sprinkle gold glitter all over it. When it gets dry, apply glue to both stars on sizes where there's no glitter and stick them together on the top of the tree.

Take the tube stand, apply glue approx. 3 cm high and cover it with golden glitter.
Cover the top of the stand with glue and attach the tree to it so it stands firmly.

Apply glue on your fingers, take the small pieces of newspaper and make small paper balls. Roll them into different colored glitter, put small balls of glue on the tree and attach small paper balls to it. That way your tree is decorated with glitter ball ornaments.

And that's it!

Now that you've learned how to easily make this cute paper tabletop Christmas tree, I'm sure you enjoyed doing it. It was really fun for me and my kids as well and we will surely make many more of them!

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