How to Easily Make a Wonderful Christmas Wreath With Candles?

How to Easily Make a Wonderful Christmas Wreath With Candles?I was always amazed by the beauty of Christmas decorations and was thinking how to make a Christmas wreath with candles at home? I never thought I could make one by myself. It seemed so complicated. But after watching this video I was totally ready to try it! I ordered all supplies needed and they were delivered yesterday. This weekend I'll be ready for the assignment! :-)

Supplies Needed

Straw Wreath

Scented Potpourri with Dried Berries, Cinnamon Sticks, Spices & Fruit

- greening pins

- pliers

- pruning shears

- gloves

- pine branches

- candles

- candle stands

- hot glue gun

Step by Step Instructions

- put the gloves on so you don't cut and hurt yourself. Take the straw wreath, pine branches and greening pins.

- attach few branches to the wreath and pin them. Take another layer of branches and pin them in the same direction as the first layer. Make sure that you cover all the pins.

- if you don't want straw to be seen under the branches then lay them densely onto the wreath.

- Repeat these steps as long as you don't cover the whole ring. (If you have some leftovers from branches just pin them to the straw where it's suitable.)

- after you've covered the whole ring, take candle stands and stick them into the wreath.

- to decorate the whole wreath just use your imagination in any way you like. You can take the parts from potpourri or dried cinnamon sticks or other decorations you prepared and glue them with hot glue to the branches.

And that's it!

Isn't it funny how things seem so difficult until someone shows you how to do it and you finally do it by yourself? That's how it was with me. I always thought how it must be complicated to make various Christmas decorations but after watching a few videos I learned a lot and finally decided to actually do it.
So if you too were thinking how to easily make a wonderful Christmas wreath with candles - now you have all the information needed to successfully do it! Good luck!

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