Ball Ornaments For Christmas Tree

Ball Ornaments For Christmas Tree

Searching the Web I found this great set of Ball Ornaments For Christmas Tree!

If I didn't know I would think they were made of glass. Although they're made of plastic, the material really looks great and there are so many different colors you can choose from. They are made in 2 different sizes (40mm and 60mm) and hooks are included with balls.

Except Holiday Season I rarely use ball oraments during the year but my friend does all the time. As she owns a small raestaurant she uses them for decorating tables, walls, trees... Also while having parties or any other special event.

What I like the best about this ball ornaments is the fact that I can choose between 16 different colors in Shiny, Matte, Glitter and Shiny Swirl finish! But this year I think I prefer Champagne. And Red. And Fluorescent Pink. And... I think I'm in trouble! LoL I'll have to order a few more sets!

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